Dr. Michelle Posage provides pet behavior consultations for dog and cat owners in Northern New England.

Dr. Posage repairs and preserves the bond between people and their pets using:

  • the scientific principles of behavior
  • a knowledge of veterinary medicine
  • more than 15 years of professional experience 


Pet training is just one piece of the puzzle.  Dr. Posage's patients are often struggling with serious or potentially serious behavior problems.  These type of behavior problems are often complex. They require a comprehensive approach starting with identifying and explaining the underlying causes of the problem.  This is when the other necessary pieces of the puzzle  come together to form a solution.  

Dr. Posage is experienced in treating advanced pet behavior problems leading to strained relationships, home damage, and injuries.  Even the most hopeless situations deserve professional assessment.  Dr. Posage can assist with serious problems, but advises seeking help early to avoid expensive and sometimes grave outcomes.

Find solutions for:

Aggression and reactivity

  • growling
  • nipping
  • biting
  • fighting

Anxiety disorders

  • separation anxiety
  • fears and phobias
  • generalized nervousness

Elimination problems

  • house soiling
  • urine marking
  • litter box issues

Compulsive disorders

  • tail/light/shadow chasing
  • pica
  • over-grooming