Presentations and seminars available for: 

  • Pet owners 
  • Veterinary hospital staff
  • Rescue group staff and volunteers
  • Dog trainers
  • Pet safety presentations for schools
  • Dog clubs and groups

Listen to a radio interview of Dr. Posage discussing veterinary behavior.

Watch Dr. Posage's Presentation at the Nashua Public Library titled,


Selected presentations and seminars:

  • Are You Talking to Me: The Body Language of Dogs and Cats, 20 different NH public libraries and private organizations in NH 2012-2013 
  • Why Does My Dog Do That: Top 10 Behavior Mysteries Solved, Nashua Public Library, 2012
  • The Aggressive Patient, New Hampshire Veterinary Technician Association, 2009, 2010; Daniel Webster Animal Hospital 2010, 2013; Mercy Animal Hospital 2013
  • Canine Temperament Testing, Greater Nashua Humane Society, 2012
  • Feline Stress in Animal Shelters, Lowell Humane Society, 2010
  • Dog Parks: Socialization, Play, and Catchy Diseases, Happy Tails Dog Park Seminar, 2011
  • Psychopharmaceuticals in Pets, Animal Hospital of Nashua, 2008
  • Mommy Can We Get a Dog: Dogs and Children Living Together, Dogs Of Course Training Center, 2010
  • Veterinary Medicine Today, Leadership Today 2005, Boy Scout Merit Badge College 2010, 2011
  • Be safe with Dogs, Birch Hill Elementary School, 2012
  • Babies and Pets, Babies 'R Us, bimonthly 2008
  • Litter Box Woes, 5 veterinary hospitals n Southern New Hampshire
  • Puppy Behavior Problem Prevention, Public presentation hosted by the Animal Hospital of Nashua 2008-2009, Staff Presentation at Crossroads Animal Hospital, 2010
  • How Animals Learn, Public presenation hosted by Animal Hospital of Nashua
  • Windows of Socialization, New England Federation of Human Societies