What should I expect and how do I prepare for my appointment?

Please complete the appropriate pre-consultation survey within 7 days of scheduling your pet's appointment.  The first part of the consultation will involve an interview and assessment of your pet. Dr. Posage will thoroughly explain your pet’s behavioral diagnosis and outline a behavior treatment plan, step-by-step, using demonstrations where possible.  For this purpose, it will be helpful if you have small, tasty training treats prepared and DO NOT feed your pet a large meal before the appointment.


What is a behavior treatment plan?

During the consultation, a comprehensive and customized plan will be developed to address your pet’s behavior problems.  There are three components to a behavior treatment plan:

  1. safety and management

  2. behavior modification and training

  3. medical recommendations and anxiety treatment

In the category of safety and management, you will receive answers to questions regarding which training tools to use, how to prevent injuries, and how to keep your pet happy.  Behavior modification and training recommendations often incorporate specific behavior modification techniques and for dogs, leadership exercises, obedience, relaxation and impulse-control exercises.  When necessary and appropriate, medical care in the form of diagnostics or treatment will be advised in addition to nutrition and exercise recommendations.  If your pet suffers from anxiety, Dr. Posage will discuss and prescribe pharmacological anxiety treatments or alternative therapy options. 


Do I need an a referral from a veterinarian to make an appointment?

No, all pet owners are welcome to schedule an appointment with or without a referral.  However, we are very grateful for referrals from primary care veterinarians and trainers which is the best way to create a team approach to your pet's behavior problems. 


Do your services come with a guarantee?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to changing behavior.  There are many factors that affect the success of treatment including, but not limited to, the cause and severity of the problem.  Beware of dog trainers and animal behaviorists who guarantee outcomes, especially without a complete understanding your pet's health and behavioral history.  While not all pet behavior problems can be completely resolved, even people with the most serious pet behavior problems will usually gain a much better understanding of their pet, a personalized and realistic plan for addressing problematic behavior, and a happier relationship after meeting with Dr. Posage. 


What type of pets does Dr. Posage see?

Dr. Posage sees all breeds of dogs and cats of any age.